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We know that residential trips away can be massively helpful to children and young people's development - so we try to provide a range of different kinds of trips and opportunities. See below for an overview of our residential opportunities!

We provide several opportunities for young people aged 8 and over to stay in a fully accessible centre, with fully accessible activities - carers are welcome too. We do this in partnership with Calvert Trust Kielder: respected globally as a provider of outdoor experiences for disabled people. "Our disabled guests, their friends and families experience the same emotions and experiences as any other guest inside our safe, inclusive, uniquely challenging facility". 

Get in touch to find out about our next planned residential trips.


What Kinds of Trips Do We Do?

Our residential trips throughout the year include:

- One night camping

- Festival camping - e.g. Cliff Festival, Soul Survivor

- Residential activity centres - e.g. Kingswood, Rock UK, Kingsway, Keilder

- Holiday parks - e.g. Butlins, Spring Harvest

- Family holidays - e.g. Haven, Forest Holidays etc

We've unfortunately had to cancel any residentials that were planned for 2020, due to the Covid-19 lockdown - but watch this space for information around the next residential opportunities that will be coming up!

Our Mission

Important Notes for Residentials

Payments: All residentials must be secured with a £10 non-refundable deposit, at least two weeks before departure. Arrangements for final payments should be made no later than one week before departure. Please book by emailing


Feedback and the Future: We are aiming to have next year's programme for residentials out by Christmas. If you or your children have any ideas about the types of breaks that you would like, please let us know, and we can look at what is available and funding options. It's important that we get constructive feedback so that we can try to respond to need, and ensure that everyone gets the most beneficial break for their family. 


Volunteers: We are always happy to have volunteers on residentials who have experience with working with young people with a disability or barrier to learning. If you would like to volunteer, please get in touch with Joanne for an application form. (Subject to satisfactory DBS check and references). 

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