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Gardening and Food

These projects tend to be time-limited, stand alone projects, rather than a weekly, long-term project. Check out the information below around various projects that we run - and we can get you involved next time!

Gardening Group

The Stepping Out group asked if they could do a gardening group as part of their Gateway Award, so funding was sought, and the project was run by volunteers in the community. 

During the summer we put on some additional gardening activities on the East Durham and Durham Dales programmes.

Gardening is not just about gardening. It's about:

  • learning what is needed for the task, including appropriate clothing;

  • travel and money skills to buy the plants;

  • learning about how to use tools safely;

  • risk assessing;

  • fine and gross motor skills;

  • planning and reviewing;

  • sensory experiences;

  • working as a team;

  • being creative.

Our Mission

Food Skills Group

For our younger children, a programme of Hand Hygiene, Fun with Food, Food Tasting, and all sorts of games around food and being healthy, are incorporated into our programmes. 

For those over the age of 11, we have a Small Steps to Nutrition and Food programme, which is then accredited by Asdan - this includes all sorts of things around food and is about encouraging young people to think about food, food preparation, alternative nutrition and budgeting, as well as food safety.

There are all sorts of special activities and events included in this programme, such as Eating Out, Ready Steady Cook and Team Cooking. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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