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Family Support

We are fortunate to have an amzing support network of parent carers, young people, volunteers and staff and trustees who are available to support parents, carers and families who may need emotional or mental health support. We are able to provide  one-to-one, group or family support for parents and carers who access the Gateway services.


Everyone who wants has an opportunity to express their concerns and needs, or just offload in a confidential and non-judgemental space. At Gateway, we want to know the best ways that we can support you and your families. 

If you need any help in dealing with issues and finding solutions, we can offer personal life coaching. You can also get involved with any of the groups listed below . Please  get in touch, we'd love to meet you informally at a time that works for you. 

Contact: 07878510312 //

Gateway Diamonds:
Parent Support Group

Gateway Diamonds meets once each month (or whenever needed) in different areas of the North East. 

We meet at Costa - it's a place that parents and carers can come and unwind for a couple of hours. If you'd like to talk about your kids and the issues that you're facing with other parents then that is totally fine - or you can just sit back, have a coffee and take a break. 

Find out more:

Our Mission

"Beautiful bunch of souls, all under one roof. Always smiling, always positive - I can't put into words my gratitude for you guys"

- Claire, one of our Gateway parents


Family Get Togethers

From Gateway Diamonds, we found that there was a need for families to have a space to get together and go out for a meal. 

It's a great chance to support each other in conversation and friendship - and families being together mean that we can keep an eye on each other's children, so that everyone is able to eat a meal that is hot!

We've also found that this is a brilliant training ground for our young people - it helps them to learn appropriate behaviour, in a supportive environment.

We Need Your Support Today!

Beyond the Walls

Beyond the Walls Youth consists of up to 12 young people aged 12-16, who are looked after by family members who are not their parents - mainly grandparents. We take the young people out for a meal and an activity: with a minimum of 2 workers supporting them, the young people are about to make their own decisions about food, and have a go at things that they might otherwise miss out on. 

Beyond the Walls Adults started around a group of people who came to us wanting to meet, and talk and get out together, with space to explore questions around faith particularly. This has become a space where we are all able to ask questions openly, and support each other. The group meets every other week with a support worker - they go to the beach, cathedral, winter gardens or other locations and are able to chat about things that matter to them. Beyond the Walls is open to all, but we have a particular emphasis on mental health, wellbeing and disability access.

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Gateway Stars

Gateway Stars are a group of young carers aged 11+ - they meet every other month, on a Saturday, to do an activity, have a meal together and to do something for the community. Stars are able to access activities for free, and can also access two free residentials each year. We have to do a lot of fundraising for this, but it's so worth it - the benefits to these young carers is tremendous. 

Gateway Mini Stars are our young carers aged 5-10: they meet once every other month for a meal out and an activity. We always have a minimum of two adults and a maximum of six children, and they are collected from home and dropped back home at the end of the day. 

The Stars and Mini Stars also have an annual trip to Flamingo Land for the day, which is always a highlight of the year!

Family Days

Pre pandemic  each Friday during the school holidays, we had a family day - these day trips out as a family also have the support of some of the Gateway North East blue tops and staff, who will give parents breaks throughout the day by looking after their children when needed. It's a fantastic opportunity for families to spend some quality time together.  As the pandemic restrictions have been lifed we have mainly provided family activities during school holidays 

This year we have also managed to secure holidays for 20 families with the Family Holidays Association. It gives families who havn't had a holiday for at least four years and are on  a low income (under £24000 )a chance to have a break together at a Haven caravan park or similar

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Sweet Saturday

Sweet Saturday is our provision around accessible worship - it's Church, but not as you know it! It's a place where you can come and be in a church community, no matter what your background or whether you've been to church before or not.

Sweet Saturday is a place where your kids are not going to get into trouble for making a noise; where you'll be able to join in, no matter what is being done. 

Children under 8 are always accompanied by parents or carers. Anyone is welcome!

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