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We provide several opportunities for young people aged 8 and over to stay in a fully accessible centre, with fully accessible activities - carers are welcome too. We do this in partnership with Calvert Trust Kielder: respected globally as a provider of outdoor experiences for disabled people. "Our disabled guests, their friends and families experience the same emotions and experiences as any other guest inside our safe, inclusive, uniquely challenging facility". 

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Ghana 2019

Over the last two years, Gateway has made links and built relationships with Hope Works Ghana, a charity who works with young people in Ghana, giving them a hope and a future. Last year we introduced them to SEN, and they are now involving other overseas organisations to help to support children and young people with Special Educational Needs in Ghana.

Hope Works arranged accommodation and transport for us - the purpose of the trip was for our young people to encourage young people in Ghana and for young people in Ghana to encourage our young people. The idea for the project came about when our young people said that they wanted to be able to help people in poorer countries like their friends dis - we found that there were no charities who were willing to enable them to do this. Over the past two years, we have taken three small groups of young people to Ghana.

Our Mission

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The Reach Out Project: Touching Communities During Covid-19

We've loved hearing news of what our friends at Hope Works Ghana have been up to to serve the communities during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Hope Works have been working on some fantastic initiatives to help young people live responsibly and understand social distancing.

What is the Reach Out Project?


With the Covid-19 pandemic impacting many lives and it's impacts being unparalleled; children and individuals with special needs and disabilities are not exempt from this impact.


In order to respond to Covid-19 with the Special Needs families already underrepresented, Hope Works Ghana has launched the Reach Out project in an effort to make a stand for about 5,000 vulnerable children and individuals with special needs and disabilities in deprived communities.


Our aim is to mobilise at least GH1 million worth of support, including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), financial support, food items and water supply to support vulnerable and disadvantaged communities and less privileged families, children and individuals with special needs and disabilities.

What Have they been Doing?

Since the launch of the project, 120 children and individuals with special needs and disabilities from Castle Road Special School of the Accra Psychiatric Hospital in Adabraka and Chorkor and James Town in Accra have benefitted from the project.


There have been lots of different ways that we've been able to provide support: we've been distributing sets of veronica buckets, bowls, tissues, liquid soaps, hand sanitizers and face masks, and engaging with public education and youth work provision, to enable them to fight and/or reduce the effect of the spread.

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