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Gateway is Getting a Makeover!

We love our building in Easington Lane - but we've been thinking and dreaming for a long time about renovations and updates that can be made, to make the building a more accessible place for our children and families. 

This year, it's become clear that we need to move forward with this as quickly as possible, to meet the needs of young people who are highly vulnerable or shielding. So, planning work is currently underway for an amazing renovation project on the Easington Lane site!

We've spent the last year amalgamating many of our young people's ideas into the plan, which is still ongoing. Initially, we intended to complete the developments to our building over a long period of time - but with everything that 2020 has brought, we're working to get this sorted as soon as possible so that we can continue to support families through the virus. 

Keep your eye on this page - we'll be updating it as we go ahead with our plans, and as the brand new areas of the site begin to take shape!

What's the Plan?

We've got all sorts of plans for the new building, to provide valuable support for our vulnerable and shielding children and young people at this time:

  • a hydrotherapy pool

  • 2 floors with multisensory areas 

  • a covered outside area with a boccia court and stage

  • an accessible car park

  • new toilets including an accessible place for changing

  • a sports hall

  • a computer and tech room

  • a multisensory garden, which will be themed in some areas around the history of Easington Lane and the building. 

We are planning for the space to allow six families to use the building at any one time without contact with any other families. It will be a hugely valuable source of therapy - and when restrictions are not in place, this new area will form the centre of young people's experience at the Gateway centre.

Bricks and Mortar
Our Mission

"Beautiful bunch of souls, all under one roof. Always smiling, always positive - I can't put into words my gratitude for you guys"

- Claire, one of our Gateway parents

Workers in Building Site

Where are We Up To, So Far?

We have engaged with an architect, who will help us throughout the project.

We've had a site survey done and had the first draft of the plan - these were put onto our parent's Facebook page for comment, and will be used in the revisions - this should be completed this week.

January 2021: 

Plans for Phase 1 of the building project are moving quickly! The first phase has been quoted at £170,000, and so far we have raised £100,000 of this, through grants and generous donations! 

Planning permission is rolling in - permission for the fencing (a key part of the first phase) is in, and we'll be getting on with this before Easter. 

We're meeting with the playground specialist imminently, who will be helping us plan for the outside space. So exciting!

We Need Your Support Today!

We Need Your Help!

We are so excited for these new developments, and for everything that comes with them. But, we need your help!

Check out our Building Back Better campaign to find out how you could get involved!

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