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Advent: Week One // Certainty in Uncertain Times

We are so excited about our Advent series for the Beyond the Walls groups - Beyond the Walls are our groups which provide an accessible space for young people and adults to come together, and have real and honest conversations about faith. We love these groups, and we've found that that space is super helpful for those that come along.

In the midst of such a difficult time, we wanted to provide our Beyond the Walls groups with an Advent challenge - a little something to read each day, along with lots of activities, crafts and fun things to keep them busy. In the first week of Advent, we're thinking about "Certainty in Uncertain Times: Finding God this Christmas" - and there are some really helpful thoughts in here.

Below, you can see our easy-to-read and plain text versions of Advent Week 1 - feel free to have a read, and if you would like to know more or get your hands on an advent pack yourself, please contact Joanne at

Week 1 day 1 easy read
Download DOCX • 2.12MB

Week 1
Download PDF • 42KB

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